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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

Is there anything more comforting than warm chocolate chip cookies? Since creating our new vegan and CBD-infused chocolate chip cookies, the answer is yes!

One of the most useful and versatile tools in this effort is “finishing salt”. A finishing salt is typically a large, flaked salt which is added conservatively to a finished protein in order to create a pleasing aesthetic and to provide intermittent punches of enjoyable flavor. I also like to add CBD to preparations if possible, to pass along the health benefits that I enjoy, to include reduced inflammation, improved digestion and elevated mood.

For my first recipe utilizing Nature’s Highway product, I used CBD infused cooking oil to create a flavorful and bright “herbed crumble”. In this instance I utilized the herbed crumble for a salmon mi-cuit, but it could used for a wide variety of dishes to include vegetables, seafood, poultry, pork or beef. Proteins can be brushed with any kind of sauce prior to application of the crumble in order to promote adhesion.

Please consult with a doctor prior to use.

In keeping with FDA regulations, Nature’s Highway does not make specific claims,​ but encourages customers to seek out more information about usage and benefits from trusted third-party sources.

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